Why did you create the first PINK nail designs?

When I started my career, I was still figuring out what I wanted to do.

I wanted something different, something different than the others.

I had been working with metal since I was 15 years old and was a master of metalworking.

At the time, I did metal nail design, but I also did nails for other things.

I liked working with acrylic and it seemed like something I could be good at.

I also had a love for fashion and jewelry, so I thought, why not do nail designs too?

At the same time, as a designer, I always wanted to take my work into a more artistic direction.

I did some things that were more geometric and more like a toy, and then I did a lot of more playful things, like colorful nail art.

I think that was kind of the beginning of my career as a nail designer.

So I was really inspired by the different shapes that we’ve come to love.

I thought I wanted some fun shapes and a little bit of a playful tone, so my first designs were based off of that.

I always liked doing things with acrylic, so when I started designing, I really started to take the shapes and make them more fun.

I was very into experimenting with different materials.

I loved to work with acrylic nails, so for the first year I was doing a lot with it, and I loved how it looked.

I started with a very geometric design, and after a while, I started to realize that acrylic was much more fun than any other material.

So then I started using a lot more metallic colors.

I still love metallic nail art, and my love for it is just so strong.

As you can see, I love acrylic nails.

The colors I love are very colorful, so it’s really easy to use metallic nail designs.

I love the different textures.

I’m not a fan of the traditional metallic designs, but they are great for different styles.

I do have a hard time choosing the colors that I like because they all look different.

I try to go for something that is a little more subtle, like a cool, muted green or a cool purple.

I usually like to go with a lot less metallic colors, because it gives it a little extra depth.

I find that a lot goes into choosing the right nail colors, so once you get into a few, you’ll start to find the right ones.

That was my first design, so that was my inspiration.

It was the first nail design I made and it was a very popular design.

Then, I found a way to combine it with another nail design and put it on a nail bed.

When I made the second design, I put it in the same location as the first, so there was a lot going on.

I ended up making it for the second time, and it became a bit more popular.

Then I made another one.

I decided to make a whole new nail bed for it, so this was another design that people wanted to see.

Then one day I made a new design, a completely different one.

It had a completely new shape and it had a totally different color scheme, so people wanted me to come up with something new.

I went back and made a completely brand new design for it.

I found that this time, it was more fun to make the design and to have a lot fewer designs and to be able to keep them simple.

It’s so fun to get to make all these different designs, and to put all of them on the nail bed and to just make a beautiful nail bed is really rewarding.

I’ve been doing a whole lot of different designs over the years, so now it’s time for a new nail design!

I love nail art and I’ve always loved to make things with different types of materials.

So the next nail design is going to be based on a color that I love, so what color do you like?

What do you love about nail art?

If you love metallic, what color would you like to see in a new type of nail design?

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