Which of the following is the best nail polish colors?

I have tried all the nail polish shades available for sale on Amazon.com but none of them are worth the effort. 

The answer: black nail polish. 

Black nail polish looks just like black nail polish, but with black pigments. 

I am a huge fan of black nail polishes because it looks really good on my nails, it’s not glittery, and it’s super pigmented. 

Nail polish companies have been making these black nail colors for a long time, and you can find them all over the web. 

What’s more, Black nail polish is not as expensive as it looks on the outside. 

For example, Black polish at Walmart sells for around $3.99. 

On Amazon, Black polishes are around $2.99 for an average package. 

So, the answer is simple: Black nails are a great choice for the price. 

Here are some tips for getting the perfect look: Have a few nail polish brushes handy. 

You’ll want at least three of these for your nail polish collection.

If you’re going to use up the whole pack, get a few smaller black polish brushes to use.

Be careful when you apply your nail colors.

Make sure your nails are completely dry before you apply them to your nails.

You’ll need a dab of nail polish on your nail when you put them on.

Take your time applying your nails to your hair.

Apply the black nail color evenly and slowly, and don’t apply more than 1/2-inch to the nail at a time.

Use the same kind of nail polish brush you use on your nails when applying your hair to your nail. 

It should be easy to apply the nail colors to your fingernails too.

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