When is fabric design trending?

The trendiest fabric designers, designers and consumers are wearing fabric as an everyday wear, according to a new report by Brandwatch, which analyzed the trends of the most popular fabric products from 2015.

“We see that the most fashion-forward fabric is still cotton, which is where most of the fabric designers are making their money,” Brandwatch CEO and founder Jens Schulz told Business Insider.

“But, there’s been a shift in the past two years with more designers turning to fabrics that are more versatile and adaptable.”

The report, titled “How to make your next fashion piece that’s more versatile, adaptable and versatile,” analyzed more than 150,000 pieces of fabric and found that while there’s a general trend of fabric that’s “more of a knit or knitted fabric,” there’s also a shift toward fabrics that have more of a “plastic feel” and that’s where most designers are coming from.

In the report, the report’s authors wrote that there’s “now an increasing trend of fabrics that can be designed with ease and style, that can have a unique and dynamic look, and that can provide the perfect blend of softness and texture.”

The findings highlight the importance of fabrics, as well as how the fashion industry is evolving, said Schulz.

He said fabric design is increasingly becoming an integral part of the fashion and lifestyle industries.

“The more designers and designers-to-be take a look at how fabrics are evolving, the more they’ll be able to see that fabrics are changing the way we design and the way our lives are,” he said.

The brands behind the study include D.I.Y. Fabric, D&P, and Aida, among others.

Brandwatch also analyzed the popularity of fabric designs on websites, blogs, and social media, which revealed a shift towards more wearable fabrics and more practical fabric designs.

For example, the study found that in 2016, more than half of the people who responded to Brandwatch’s survey said that they use fabric in their everyday clothing, with the average item being a sweater, tank top, or skirt.

The average fabric has a knit and a plaid feel, and they can be worn as a button down, button down shirt, or button up shirt.

The report notes that in 2017, the average fabric designer had $8.8 million in revenue.

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