What’s in the pipeline for Next Big Fashion?

The Next Big is the name given to a wave of disruptive fashion innovation.

The idea behind the term is that designers will design for a global audience, and the clothes they wear will be made in a particular place or region.

The term also implies that the products will be affordable, high-quality and made in the same fashion, as opposed to a high-end, mass-produced product that might have a certain price tag.

The first wave of new fashion brands has been a mixture of luxury brands and casual brands, which is a good thing as most brands will need to cater to their niche and demographic.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that these products are still relatively young and will need time to grow.

So, we’ve heard a lot of buzz about the next big fashion, but how will it look?

Read more: The future of the fashion industry is changingWe’ve been able to pick out a few trends and designers that we feel have the potential to change the fashion landscape.

Read on for more insights from our interview with designers and experts.

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