The ‘Lemony Snicket’ Collection, which features books cover design and fireplace design, will be available at Target store locations this week

In the new book, The Lemony Snickets: The Complete Guide to the Wonderful World of the Magical Creatures and Creatures From Other Worlds, author and artist Troy Lees provides a detailed look at how these famous characters came to be.

“The book is not only the most detailed and comprehensive account of the book’s creation and evolution, it’s also the only book that will cover the whole Lemony series,” Lees writes.

“As the book expands in the months to come, we will also add new features and expand our offerings to include more of the Lemony canon.”

Here’s a look at what we know about the book, and what’s on the way for 2017.

What you need to know about The Lemoney Snicket Collection:The book begins with the introduction of the title character, Lemony, in “The Complete Guide” series, which first appeared in the original The Lemones Book.

Lemony is a bookworm who loves books.

In “The Little Book of Books,” the Lemones discover the power of the magic book, which can open doors to other worlds.

He’s also a big fan of reading.

“He’s not only a reader, but a book lover as well,” Leess writes.

In the introduction, Lees reveals that the Lemons’ love of books began with the Lemonies themselves, who were inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland.

“Through this book, the Lemonds will find out the true meaning of the word ‘book’,” Lees says.

“They’ll learn the secret to opening doors to others worlds.”

Lees says Lemony’s book is a great fit for Target’s retail store concept.

“Target is a retailer who celebrates books, and we wanted to create a new way to celebrate this book with the rest of our family,” he says.

The Lemony Series also features a collection of other beloved characters, like the magical Lemmy the Elephant, who appears in many of the books, like “The Mystery of the Flying Squirrel” and “The Magical Story of a Boy with a Flying Bicycle.”

Lees says the Lemongrass is “an old favorite of mine,” so when he heard that Target was releasing a book with his character in it, he jumped on board.

“This is a fun book, but it’s really a little bit different in a lot of ways,” Leese says.

Lees also shared his thoughts on the book: “The Lemons are not only readers, they are also book lovers as well.”

Lees said he plans to add more Lemony stories in the future, including the book “The Lament of a Magical Girl.”

This new Lemony book comes with a bonus book featuring art by the amazing artist Troy Lee.

Lees said that he wanted to include his favorite characters from the series into the book because he wanted Target to be a “home for everyone’s favorite characters.”

“We’re really excited about this new book,” he said.

“We’re just getting started and we’re not sure where it’s going yet, but we’ll be sure to share updates on Twitter and Instagram.”

The Lemones will be appearing in the book alongside characters from other magical and mythological books, including “The Lost Princess of Lemongrab” and the “Magical Story of the Little Book.”

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