Indian designer wins $2.5m award for her henna designs

India has a long tradition of developing handcrafted artworks for the home, and in recent years, designers and artisans have been working to take the tradition to the next level.

The Hindustan Art Council (HAC) has awarded a $2,5 million award to a new design-thinking process in India for henna and hand-crafted objects.

The new design thinking, a process that will help artists create a more unique product, will allow them to create works that will stand out from the rest.

Hindustan Institute of Design-led team of experts and experts from the HAC and the University of Calcutta have created the process and the winner will receive the money.

The HAC said it will fund the project through a scholarship, with the award being announced on Tuesday.

The award will help support the development of the industry and further the goals of HAC.

“The Hac has been working for the past two years on this innovation, and we have seen a tremendous progress from the concept,” HAC chairperson and chief executive officer Rajiv Srinivasan said.

The award is in recognition of the work of H.E.A.H.

H, the Hindustani-language online magazine founded by Nandita Joshi and K.V. Shinde.

Joshi was awarded a prestigious HAC Design Award in 2013, and has since been a founding member of Hac.

The magazine, published in India, has also become a global destination for designers to publish their work.

Hindu art has a rich heritage, with over 200 major Hindu deities in its repertoire.

However, it has long been neglected in India because it is considered to be a tradition of “lower castes”.

The Hacs is hoping that the new process will help to promote a better understanding of the history of Hindu art, and will encourage other designers to create products that are more unique.

“This new innovation will give designers the opportunity to create a product that is more unique, and is a more innovative product in the industry,” Srinawsom said.

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