How to Make a Beautiful, Iconic Spring Break Shirt

I’ve been wanting to create a spring break style shirt for years.

While the design of the shirt has evolved over time, I always liked the simplicity of the simple geometric design.

I decided to start with a simple geometric pattern for a spring Break style shirt, and then add in some fun and colorful details as I got creative.

For this project, I wanted to do something playful and bold.

I wanted my shirt to be fun and unique, and I wanted it to be made from scratch.

So, I went with a classic, simple, and bold geometric pattern to create this gorgeous Spring Break shirt. 

To create this spring break tee, I used the same design I used on my spring break outfit last year.

I was inspired by the design that went on sale at Gap a couple weeks ago and the way the colors match the colors of the new colors in the fall season.

The colors of blue and orange were chosen for the shirt because they’re the most common colors for fall and the ones I used for the spring break shirt.

I chose the colors to match the fall colors of orange and yellow, and the colors in blue and green were chosen because they match the autumn colors of red and orange. 

For the buttons, I opted for a button that I think is a bit too big for my shoulders. 

The design for the buttons is a simple one that looks good on the neckline, shoulders, and sleeve.

I thought it would be cool if I added in a little flair with a little bit of design. 

I think the buttons are really fun to design, so I made a few to try and get a feel for how they would look on the shirt.

To create the design, I drew a picture of a bird in a bird cage and then colored it in various colors and applied them to the design.

To help keep the colors fresh, I added the design onto the tee and cut it out with a sharpie.

The tee itself is made from a solid dark color that matches the colors on the back. 

My favorite part of this design is the colors and design of orange.

I think orange is a great color for spring break because it’s bright and colorful. 

This shirt looks so cool when you wear it.

It has a great flow to it and has great details that compliment the colors. 

You can see how this shirt would fit nicely on a neckline. 

Here are some other cool details I added to this spring Break shirt: A heart shape on the front, like in the pictures above. 

A bird on the collar. 

It has a small floral pattern on the inside. 

An orange and blue print on the right side of the neck. 

Circles around the shirt to make the design more colorful.

I hope you enjoy this Spring Break tee! 

Thanks for reading, Emily

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