How to design the coolest hat in Minecraft

A new design space for Minecraft is opening up in Brooklyn. 

On October 11,  a new design lab will be set up in an abandoned garage, and a small, but growing, group of Minecraft players is expected to take part in the first ever Minecraft Design Lab.

The design space, called Minecraft Roofs, is a place where Minecraft players can build a variety of hats and decorate them with decorative blocks. 

Minecraft players are also invited to submit their own designs to the design lab. 

“The main idea of the design space is to have a small group of people who have a similar vision for Minecraft, who will be working together to come up with cool designs,” a statement from the Brooklyn Design Lab reads.

“This group is going to be made up of Minecraft users who have different styles, so we want to make it a place that allows players to collaborate and see the same kind of fun ideas coming out of their heads.”

The first class will take place in Brooklyn on October 11th. 

The first group of the day will be hosted by Mojang’s Creative Director, Mark Cianfrance.

The second group will be held at the Brooklyn Museum on October 12th.

The Brooklyn Design Laboratory, which was first revealed on September 28, has been in the works for a few months. 

Earlier this year, Mojang announced that it would open a design studio in New York City.

Mojang also announced that they had hired a designer to design a Minecraft hat that would be part of the new design studio.

Minecraft Hat 2 is slated to release sometime in late 2018.

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