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If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work in a modern design studio, or have even just wanted to learn more about the industry, I’d recommend taking a look at the post on Modern Interior design.

This post is written by a freelance writer and features a wide variety of subjects including interior design and home improvement, and has a great mix of expert opinion, tips, and insights from a variety of sources.

If you’re looking to build your own home and want to learn how to design it, I recommend checking this out. 


 The “Hollywood Suite” This is the largest, most lavish, and exclusive living area in Los Angeles.

Located in a gorgeous former factory, it’s not exactly a home that most people want to live in, but this studio does have plenty of space for guests to enjoy their time.

Located right next door to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the Studio also has a beautiful backyard, a pool area, and other amenities that make it a great location for a big party.


The “Dedicated Spa Room” Located next to the “Studio” is the Dedicated Spa room.

This spacious suite is filled with a full-service spa, an area for relaxation, and plenty of privacy for you and your guests.


“The Lounge” The lounge area is a nice spot for relaxation and entertainment.

This space has a large television set, a comfortable couch, and a bed.


Inside the “Dive Bar” In this large room, guests can enjoy a large selection of drinks and snacks.


Located at the end of the studio, the “Kitchen” is where the guests can relax and unwind.


Outside the “kitchen” The patio area has plenty of room to play, including tennis courts, a volleyball court, and even a ping pong table.


Luxury Lounge This area features a full kitchen and a lounge area.


Fully furnished There are plenty of bedrooms and full bathrooms available in this gorgeous living room.


Dining Room This lounge area also features a spacious dining room. 


Studio Entrance The large studio entrance is decorated with a large mural and a large wall mural of celebrities.


In-Home Storage Available There is plenty of storage inside this beautiful home studio.


Bedroom This room has an amazing view of the Los Angelas Memorial Coliseum.


Outdoor Pool This pool has a pool table and a hammock.


Kitchen Area This kitchen has a dishwasher, a microwave, and refrigerator.


Pool Table This table has a rack and a sink.


Shower Room Located in the kitchen, this area is equipped with a vanity.


Living Room The Living Room has a full bathroom and a balcony.


Coffee Table The kitchen has plenty to do, and this table has plenty.


Television Set This large screen has a variety, from TV shows to movies to games.


Wifi Connection The living room has a fully-functioning wifi network.


Office Room  This room features a fully stocked kitchenette.


Golf Course Located at one end of this massive home, this location is located right next to where you’ll find the Los Angels Memorial Coliseum and a major baseball stadium.


Backyard Park The backyard is a great place to enjoy your backyard.

This area features plenty of natural areas to enjoy.


Vacation Located on the other end of your home, the backyard has plenty more to do. 25.

Hair Salon Located on one of the living rooms, this salon is equipped for styling your hair and styling yourself.


Elevator Located in this large living room, this elevator can be used to take guests to and from the studio.

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