How the toe nail designs of a man and a woman are the same

This is the second in a series of posts about designer shoe design.

In the first, we covered the designs of the toe nails on the men’s shoe Men’s Designer Jeans.

In this post, we’ll look at the designs for the toe designs on the women’s shoe Baja Designs.

A man’s toe is the longest of all the foot joints.

That means the foot is the only part of the body that needs to be in contact with a shoe, with the sole being the sole of the foot.

If you’ve ever had to walk up stairs in heels, you know the feeling.

In many shoes, this is an option.

But if you’re a woman, the only option is to wear a shoe that’s designed for a woman.

This is where the toe design comes into play.

The toe is where all the ligaments in the foot are, so that the ligament between the toes is able to move smoothly.

And the more of these ligaments are connected together, the more comfortable you’ll feel.

The same is true of the shoe design, too.

The more of the sole is attached to the sole, the less friction there will be.

And when the shoe has an arch, the toe will move with the arch.

If there’s no arch, there will also be less friction.

But with a toe design, it’s important to think about the effect of a toe that’s longer.

The shoe designer should also think about whether the design will allow the shoe to flex, or if it will cause the shoe heel to bend.

The heel is the part of your body that connects to the ground, and the heel is made of a type of tendon called the plantar fascia.

It’s very thin, and it’s very flexible.

But it also has a lot of muscle attachments that go on it.

The tendon that goes on the heel of the Baja is called the flexor tendon, and these muscles are very well developed, so the flexion and extension of the flexors are very important.

The other muscle attachments are called the extensors, and they’re much less developed.

But the flexions and extensions are all important.

These muscles are also what allow you to walk, and to roll over and bend your body forward.

This muscle strength is also what helps you to balance and move your body around.

A woman’s foot is made up of a series, called the femur.

The femur is the bone that runs from the heel to the toes.

The foot also has what’s called the shin bone, which runs from behind the heel down the length of the heel, to the top of the toes, and up the inside of the shin.

This bone is much stronger than the bone from the foot, and that’s because it’s made up mostly of bone.

The main muscles that the femurs use are the psoas, which is the arch of the femoral head, and lateral menisci, or the lower part of a leg that’s behind the femorsus.

It also has two more muscles that are involved in balancing and pushing.

These are the femoroacetabularis, which sits in between the knee and the shin and is called flexor hallucis, and tibialis anterior, which comes out of the hip.

These four muscles are all made up primarily of calcium, and when you bend or push against them, they become stretched.

The muscles in your leg, called quadriceps, are also very strong.

They’re also the part that makes up your lower leg.

But these muscles don’t work as well when you’re standing up straight, because your knee is bent.

So when you sit down, the quadricep muscles get stiff, and you can’t move around.

The hip flexors also get weak, because they’re not working as hard.

If your knees are bent, the hip flexor muscles don`t move as much, so they can’t push against the femoralsus and the plantaris, which are the bones on top of your feet.

The problem with this is that when you go up, the knees bend.

This means your femur can’t flex, and your plantarflexor muscles won’t be able to pull up as much as they can when you get down.

In other words, when you do sit down on a desk, the femarches and the flexabular muscles won`t be as strong as they were when you were standing up.

So if you can bend the knees and get them straight, you’ll have a lot more room for the hip and your hip flexed, and less room for your plantaris to flex.

In women’s shoes, the heel has two toes.

These toes are called torsos.

The top of a woman’s toe has two different parts that sit on the same joint, and

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