How easy is it to create a pumpkin with a cute and playful face?

The question is no longer “How easy is this pumpkin?”

The answer is “how easy is to make one?”. 

There are lots of reasons to love this year’s crop.

It’s pumpkin season and with pumpkin season comes plenty of pumpkin themed activities. 

The easiest of all is probably making your own pumpkin head.

There are a ton of easy ways to do this, but we’ve rounded up the easiest, most creative, and fun pumpkin heads we could find. 

If you’re looking for a fun way to get your creative juices flowing, the pumpkin head is probably your best bet.

If you’re interested in making your pumpkin head yourself, check out these easy tutorials on making a head, creating your own pumpkins, and how to use an embroidery needle.

If you don’t want to spend time on the embroidering, or if you don´t have a fancy embroiderment machine, we also offer a few other great pumpkin head tutorials. 

To get started, here are our top pumpkin head recipes. 

Here are our favorite pumpkin head tips. 

Happy Halloween! 


Pumpkin head making in general requires a few things.

A pumpkin head, a pumpkin pie, and a pumpkin. 


A lot of pumpkin pie recipes involve a few steps. 


We know it’s hard to get a pumpkin to bake right.

But the easiest way to make a pie is to take a piece of pumpkin, put a piece on top of it, and then put a few drops of oil in the pie crust. 


Another easy way to go for a pumpkin-shaped pie is with a cake mix and a pie crust with pumpkin filling. 


Cake and pie crusts are pretty much the only thing you need to make pumpkin pie. 


In a cake-pie crust, you can use whatever fillings you want, like chocolate chips or cream. 


For an even more simple pumpkin pie recipe, you could just make a plain cake crust with the filling, but you’ll probably need to add a few more ingredients. 


With a cake crust, the pie is basically done when it’s finished baking. 


But you can make a more complicated pumpkin pie with a cookie sheet, filling, and pumpkin filling in. 10. 

You could also bake a pumpkin in the oven and add extra toppings, like brown sugar and sprinkles, to the top. 


Adding sprinkles and topping a pumpkin is one of those things that’s easier to do on a stovetop. 


Making pumpkin pie in the microwave?

Not so easy. 


While a cake pie crust is pretty easy to make, the oven is much easier. 


And the most fun thing about making a pumpkin pumpkin pie is when it gets cold. 


There’s an amazing trick to making a homemade pumpkin pie from scratch: the pumpkin’s inside is really warm. 


How do you make your own pie crust? 


When it comes to making pumpkin pie filling, there are so many variations. 


Have you ever made a pumpkin stuffed or pumpkin-filled cake? 


What’s your favorite pumpkin carving? 


Are you a fan of the pumpkin in a cake?

We’ve rounded it up in our top three pumpkin pie toppings. 


This pumpkin-themed cake recipe has some amazing pumpkin pie flavors, and it’s even more fun to make it yourself. 


It’s Halloween and you’re craving a pumpkin cake.

This one is easy and it tastes so good. 


Do you like a pumpkin flavored ice cream?

This is the perfect ice cream cake recipe. 


Baking a pumpkin cheesecake?

The only thing more fun than making a cheesecake is baking it yourself! 


Want a fun pumpkin-inspired dessert?

We had a ton to share this year, and we think you’ll love them all. 


Can you make pumpkin cake with a vanilla bean and a vanilla cupcake?

This recipe is easy to do and it will get you into the holiday spirit. 


These pumpkin cheesecakes are pretty simple, but they are a hit with kids! 


Is it safe to make your pumpkin pie without an oven? 


Does a pumpkin cheese cake with pecans make a pumpkin pizza? 


Did you know pumpkin spice lattes can be vegan? 


So many pumpkin pies are made with a pie base and the crust, but can you do that with a pumpkin filling? 


As the season continues to go on, many pumpkin pie ideas come along and become pumpkin-centered. 33. Who

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