How designer sneakers can help you look younger

Designer sneakers can be a lifesaver in helping you look older.

These shoes are the perfect way to make yourself look younger.

1 / 4 Buy now Designer sneakers are available in a range of styles, including casual, dressy and casual shoes.

And with so many styles available, you’re bound to find a pair that works for you.

The most common reasons people wear designer sneakers are for work and sports, but they can also be worn for leisure.

These sneakers can look like you’ve just put on a pair of trainers and they’re so comfortable and stylish you’ll feel right at home in them.

Read more about design and shoes, including: 1 / 3 Buy now How to buy designer sneakers How to get started with designer shoes.


Get designer sneakers in a colour and style range You can find designer sneakers online in many different colours and styles, which is why it’s important to choose the right pair for you and your style.

If you’re a beginner, you can browse online for designer sneakers from the popular brands like Forever 21, Under Armour and Nike.


Check the sizing You need to be at least 5ft 7in (1.94m) tall and weigh 170kg (260lbs).

If you weigh more, you might want to get a bigger size.


Choose a shoe colour To find the right shoe colour for you, look for colour variations on the style’s label.

For example, if a shoe has a blue colour, then choose a darker blue colour.

A designer shoe can be worn in any colour.


Pick a pair to match the colour of your outfit Some designers pair their sneakers with denim jeans or t-shirts, while others opt for a dressier look.

It’s also a good idea to choose a pair with the same colour as the shoes you’re wearing.

The best way to find the colour you want is to browse online, but sometimes it’s easier to find it in your local shop.


Wear the shoes for at least 30 minutes If you wear the shoes regularly, you’ll notice the difference in your appearance.

The more you wear them, the longer they’ll last.


Keep your shoes dry There are many ways to keep your shoes comfortable and dry.

Wear them on your back or on your toes, or keep them in a drawer to dry.

You can also wrap them in clingfilm, which will help keep them cool.

You’ll need to take your shoes out of the box every so often for washing.

The same goes for the shoes themselves.

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