Halloween nail designs and more from around the world

Nail designs and bathtub tiles designs from around a dozen countries are on display in the U.S. this Halloween, with nail designs from Italy, Spain, Australia, Japan and Canada.

They include the iconic “pumpkin nails” from the movie “Halloween” and the “tumbler” from “House of Cards.”

There are also designs from Belgium, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and the U,K.

Halloween nail designs are popular around the globe, with hundreds of countries participating in the event.

They’re inspired by popular Halloween themes and are popular among young girls.

One nail design featured on the U’s website features a pumpkin with two little legs, a flower petal on top and a flower surrounded by red paint.

“I love the idea of putting two colors in the same design, so the two legs have a flower on top, the petal is red and the red paint is all over the flower,” said Amanda Daley, an artist based in Austin, Texas.

“I’ve done some of the designs that you see in magazines and magazines of Halloween and I think they’re very fun and pretty and I’ve got a lot of people telling me they like it.”

Another popular nail design features a flower with a flower head, with a pumpkin in the middle and a pumpkin below the flower.

“That is a classic pumpkin design and it’s the kind of nail I’d want to see in my life,” said Daley.

“And it’s super cute.”

Another nail design on the website features two flower heads with a large pumpkin on top.

“It’s a little bit more abstract, but I’m a big fan of abstract nail designs,” said Kelly Crouch, an art director at The Cooley Gallery in New York.

“There’s something about the pumpkin head and the flower, the two flower arms and the pumpkin body that’s so adorable.

And it’s got this little bit of magic.”

The Cooley gallery also created a collection of art inspired by the Halloween designs, with prints, jewelry and a necklace inspired by a photo of a pumpkin.

The U’s online store has a selection of nail designs available for purchase, and some are available in a limited number of styles.

They are also available in print.

In Canada, nails, bathtub tumblers and Halloween decorations are available online for $15 and $20 each, respectively.

In Germany, the Halloween nail design, called a “pink and red tumbler,” is on display.

It features two pink hearts and a red heart surrounded by a red flower.

“It’s not a particularly creative design, but it’s a pretty good choice for Halloween,” said Maria Lüdtke, a designer based in Cologne.

“Especially for girls, I think it’s really good to have a little little bit less color and to have something a little more innocent.”

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