Grand Designs’ new Pergola design: A perfect fit for your home

Pergolas are a popular feature in modern homes.

They’re designed with a curved surface, meaning they can bend to accommodate different furniture sizes, and they’re also designed to be flexible, meaning that they can be lifted and lowered to fit various furniture styles.

This is all pretty neat, but there’s one problem with these designs: they’re expensive.

The new design from Pergolites is a much better solution, and it’s designed to go for around $100.

This may not seem like a lot, but Pergolan is a family-owned business that’s made a name for itself by making elegant homes with a high-quality finish.

And while there are a lot of other options available for designers, Pergolis has one of the most elegant designs. 

“When you design something like this, you want it to feel good, and you want your clients to feel comfortable,” Pergolo founder and CEO Jeroen Van Hoekstra told us. 

The idea for the Pergolfic was born in a time of need for a simple and versatile piece of furniture, and the designers took a moment to think about the best way to achieve that.

“Our first inspiration came from a recent trip to Italy,” Van Hoepstra said.

“When we came to Pergolia, we were inspired by the classic design of a pergola that was just a little too high and wide for our liking, and so we wanted to change that, so we created a design that was simple, but high quality.” 

Pergolista’s latest PergOLO design  features a curved pergolan. 

Image: PergoliDesign  In the video above, Van Hoekestra tells us that his team wanted to take the design further and “make it feel even more modern, like a high rise apartment in the middle of the city.”

He added that the design, which was designed by the Perolas’ creative director, will be available in several different sizes, so that the pergolola can be folded up or down.

“It’s a little bit like the old-fashioned style of the house that you have in Italy, but now it’s very contemporary,” he said. 

One thing Pergolarians have learned is that high-end furniture has a certain appeal, and Pergoles is no exception.

The company has created a PerGOLO line of high-grade, luxury furniture that features wood, stainless steel, and metal finishes, which make it both comfortable and beautiful.

In addition to the PerGoloves, PerGoles has other high-class options for the home, such as the Pergelite Pro, which offers a custom-built leather sofa.

The sofa is designed with an open floor plan, which allows you to open it and set up the sofa, which is a very popular feature for Pergolics. 

 The Pergolid is designed for high-performance use, but it’s also perfect for everyday use.

It’s lightweight, and features a built-in fan that lets you cool off when you’re not using it.

It even comes with a storage closet, which you can access via a door that opens to the living room. 

What’s more, it’s a lot smaller than other Pergols, making it a lot easier to move around in. 

So what’s the deal with Pergolicas? 

PerGOLOS, like other Perogolas, is made by a family of craftsmen who work in Italy.

In fact, Perogolistas are a fairly well-known brand in the country, with an annual turnover of around $150 million. 

Perloles is also the name of a popular restaurant in the Italian capital, and is also a company that manufactures a range of products, including handbags and wallets.

But what does it take to design a high quality, functional piece of home decor? 

“Designers and designers are a very different class,” Vanhoekstra said of the Perogolic.

“If you want to create a piece of art, you don’t design it.

You build it.

And if you want people to buy your product, you need to have a great design.” 

And while Pergoleas is known for being the most affordable designer, the company is also known for its high-tech solutions.

For example, it makes PergOlimpic, which integrates sensors that can detect whether furniture is too big or too small and automatically adjusts the fit, making the furniture more comfortable and easier to carry around. 

For a perguillante, the Per GOLO is definitely a great addition to your home, but we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it as a replacement for a high end piece of furnishings. 

Featured image via Pergolinets Instagram

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